New FXCM??

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Omar Zayat, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Anyone tried FXCM's new 'No dealing desk' platform. They claim you can trade the news, scalp, do whatever? has to be a catch, though.
  2. FXCM has a shady reputation. Many good firms out there if you look.
  3. the catch is they are still no commission. which means they get their cut from padding the spread. they say you'll see lower spreads on major pairs. But I never saw EUR/USD lower than 3 pips. IB all the way for me. 0.5 pip spread + 0.2 pip commisson
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    EFX which is part of MB trading also has a no dealer desk trading approach:)
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  6. Eur/Usd on Oanda is 1.5 spread when the markets are the most liquid and 2.0 when not.
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    Because we don't allow vendors to spam ET with their links. If the vendor wants to show the video ONLY he can put it up on any of the many,many free sites out in internet land, and repost.
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