New FTI (Federal Terrorism Investigators) to be planned

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  1. Due to the failure of the FBI in preventing the boston bombing, it is reported that the Administration is working on creating a new law enforcement division, tasked with investigating local terrorist threats. This new department, Federal Terrorism Investigators will handle such issues in parallel with the FBI.
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    This will, of course, replace the inept organization that supposedly failed, right? It won't be added to grow the government even more, right?

    Yeah, right.
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  4. DHS has over 200,000 on the payroll.
    FBI, 33,852

    If they can't get it done with this many, what is it going to take?
    Police state is on it's way. 2-day Military occupation of Boston is template for
    the land of the free and home of the brave.
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    No no no no no no.
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    Another inept incompetent over bloated inefficient unproductive federal bureaucracy we can ill afford to do what the inept incompetent over bloated inefficient unproductive federal bureaucracies we already have and can ill afford can't do.

    Obama is obviously a genius.
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    Wow this is insane, more duplication of efforts. Now FBI and now FTI and of course none will talk to each other because of turfwars and it will actually be worse.

    Why not get rid of all these agencies and just have one agency for everything?

    We have ATF,DEA,FBI,CIA,DHS,Customs,Immigration,FTI now etc..
  8. Can I suggest creating another agency to supervise and liaise this new agency with existing agencies.

    Could I also suggest making myself director* and dogbert chief of operations?

    minimum salary requirements:all electronic money printed by the fed
    during my tenure.
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    Yep, more alphabet soup is just what we need. What a mess this Country is in. One bureaucracy won't talk to the other, yet, this out of control government thinks we need more.:( :mad:
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    You missed a few:

    Air Force Office of Special Investigations
    Army Criminal Investigation Command
    Coast Guard Office of Law Enforcement
    Defense Intelligence Agency
    Defense Logistics Agency Criminal Investigations Activity
    Defense Security Service
    Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    IRS Criminal Investigation Division
    Marshals Service
    Naval Criminal Investigative Service
    National Security Agency
    Postal Inspection Service
    Regional Environmental Enforcement Association
    Secret Service
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