New... From Matrox.. TripleHeadToGo... Laptops, too

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  1. So I can connect this box up to my laptop and have three INDEPENDENT screens? The mouse moves across all three screens and I can drag and drop windows into them...must I have a certain card in my laptop to be compatible with this?

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  2. Actually, you can have up to 4 screens. They have a minimum 300 RAMDAC is all... runs off of VGA port.
  3. Nifty!
  4. What happens to my laptop screen? How much does it cost? Do I need Windows XP or will it also work on my old machine that has windows 98?

    Thanks gnome...

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  7. I don't know all that stuff. Check with Matrox website. As for display, you can have your laptop as Display #1, and the huge 3-monitor screen [extended desktop] as #2, if your laptop supports.
  8. So I am just adding a second screen essentially...I could plug in a Samsung LCD 19" and use it analog...

    The reason I ask, is I thought if i bought one of those LCD TV's I would get more screen real estate. That is simply not true as everything is bigger. TV's are viewed from a distance...

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    They only support Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP.

    From the Matrox website:

    Can I use the integrated display in my laptop in addition to a TripleHead2Go for a total of four screens?

    Cost will be $299 and it will be availabe in April '06.
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