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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Nolan-Vinny-Sam, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. It's OK because he only boils Muslims alive. W's on a Crusade here, people.

    Uzbekistan seems ALOT like North Korea, eh?

    Hmm...well, he certainly wouldn't fork over OUR tax dollars to North Korea, since they torture and kill Christians, too...so what gives???
  2. Damn what's wrong with these Isamic countries. Its like every single one of them has abolutely no respect for human rights. Of the four great ancient civilizations (Eygpt, Mesopotamia, India, China), Isam destroyed two and a half (Eygpt, Mesopotamia, and half of what was ancient India). Ancient China was destrroyed by Marxism. Thank god they didn't manage to slaughter thier way into Europe, and they could have too.
  3. They did: Turkey, Bosnia and of course.... France...
  4. Nobody deserves to die like that. That is a horrific way to torture someone. How long would it take for him to die by immersing him up to his hips in boiling water? Not quick enough. Put a gun to his head and pull the trigger if you have to kill the man, but to make another man suffer like that? There isn't a seat deep enough in hell that could be reserved for someone who participated in that.

  5. Agreed... but thank God that's only a small fraction of Europe. I feel Isam, Communism, Materialism, and Fasizm - the worst idealogies ever created.

  6. But But But, they are our friends now:mad: The US PRESIDENT HIMSELF shaking hands there.:D :D :D

    HOW DARE YOU NOT endorsing it:confused: :confused:

    :D :D :D
  7. this shit pisses me off, also.

    btw, do any of you guys eat lobsters? aren't those boiled alive? why is that ok?
  8. They boil cats in China by just throwing them into a vat of hot oil after skinning their hair off.