New free trading platform - share your ideas

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ModulusFE, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Modulus is building a new trading platform that will be given away for free by all popular brokerages, and I would like to ask ET members for input on the product design. Modulus will offer you 10% off any product or service (pm for details) in return for your suggestions that are helpful. Also, we will give you credit for your suggestions within the software's about box - pm for details.

    The free platform will support stocks, futures, and forex. Although we have sent out mailers with these same questions below, we're betting our farm on this platform so we need to try to get everything as close as possible for the first version:

    Chart layout and tools
    Should we support multiple inner chart windows that can cascade, or should the charts be tabbed like IE7, with similar controls like ALT1, ALT2, ALT-W, etc.?

    Portfolio window
    In your opinion, who has the best portfolio layout and feature set? Can you list any features that you would like to have, but haven't seen?

    Order entry screen
    Again, what have you found to be the best layout and feature set?
    We plan to offer macros and design the layout in the most intuitive way possible. What sort of features would you find helpful?

    News format
    What features would you like to see? For example, a keyword scanner for certain words or regular expressions to watch for in real time would be one good idea.

    We will be using our TradeScript scripting language, which will allow you to create custom indicators, trading systems, experts, automated trading systems, etc. This is not meant to be a complete EasyLanguage replacement, however it may evolve into a procedural language at a later time.

    Automated systems
    The automated systems that are created from the scripting language will send orders from your Desktop or mobile phone (linked to your Desktop). You can then run the automated system from your Desktop or compile your system as a server component and host it as a black box trading system with any brokerage that supports our platform.

    Back testing
    Our back testing system will also be based on TradeScript. We plan to allow back testing on a universe of stocks, futures, forex pairs, etc. Please list any features that you would like to see, preferably ones that you haven't seen in any other software.

    Data explorer
    The data explorer window will list all the available symbols - not much innovation required here but please share your thoughts.

    The platform will offer reporting that you can compare with the standard reports including automated trading reports, statistics, etc. Any preference on layout, report types etc, please list them..

    Output / debug window
    We'll have an output window that will let you keep an eye on everything, including automated trading, selected news, hot quotes, messaging, etc.

    Wizards / experts
    We are developing a dialog-based Wizard that enables the creation of an indicator, automated trading system, or expert using drop-down menus... sort of like an SQL query string builder.

    Aside from the brokerage feed, which vendors should we support? eSignal, NAQ (FRI)...? "All of them" is a good answer, however we'll have to start with just a few in the beginning.

    .net plug-in manager
    The platform will allow you to develop a DLL in .net that will have complete control over anything and everything. What limitations have you run into while using other trading platforms that support scripting languages and external DLLs? We don't want to run into the same problems. Also, the platform will inherently support web services. So for example, a trader can write a system and host it with a .NET server, and then you can add a reference to this web service from within the platform.

    Windows Live methods
    The platform will support a link via the brokerage's platform server from your Desktop to any mobile device (we will offer a mobile version of this platform). This will allow you to log into your account and view your systems, portfolios, trading activity, charts, etc. from any computer or hand held device/phone that has our platform installed.

    Options platform
    This will come later next year, and will likely be a separate platform or an extensive upgrade to the existing platform.

    Other features
    You get extra points for really useful features not mentioned here :)