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    What's up guys.

    Over the years, this site has been used by customers of Interactive Brokers to report bugs and issues related to TWS software, IB's API, and various account-related problems. In fact, many traders throughout the years have told me that they get answers and feedback faster here than they do by contacting IB directly.

    In the past, these issues were reported in our generic Trading Software forum, but since we now have over 4,000 discussion threads of this nature, I have created a separate forum for IB's technical issues, and the new forum is called... IB Technical Issues :D Most of the discussions from the past have been moved to this new forum already so it's ready to rock and roll now.

    This will allow the Trading Software forum to represent a better cross-section of software platform discussion instead of being clogged up with a bunch of TWS bugs.

    Thanks so much for being a part of ET and let me know in the Feedback forum if you ever have any other suggestions to make this site better.
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  2. Cool. I'm sure API discussions will run rampant there :)
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