New FireWall - Can't access Platform - Need Help

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Flashboy, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. I called and they said you are limited to 5 gigs per Month for downloading. Unlimited on web Browsing.

    Not sure if 5 gigs is enough to trade with.

    Does anyone know?
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  2. Sounds like a well managed business... Can I get on the payroll ?
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  3. yeah. you'd be surprised how many slackers work for big companies.

    we have people at Shell that say its so laid back in Shell's office it gets boring sitting around with not much to do.
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  4. GTS


    Yes, its enough.
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  5. thanks.

    My tech support also said it would be enough.

    have you used one? does it pick up well inside an office building?
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  6. GTS


    I don't have one but I have users that do and it works fine in inside buildings - basically the same issues as cell phone reception. If you have doubts make sure you can return it during the first X days in case it doesn't work out for you.

    If you want to monitor/manage your monthly bandwidth consumption there are many apps out there that can do that for you.
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  7. Great. thanks for the help
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  8. mtt


    Net Meter is just one of those apps that you could use to monitor your Internet usage.
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  9. one more question.

    through the network we're connected to a LAN for our internet connection. it won't allow me to delete that connection cause I need administrative rights.

    can I create a new connection using an internet card and bypass that internet connection?
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  10. GTS


    I don't know what the options are when you dont have admin rights but normally you could set a default route so that all traffic that isnt destinated for your local subnet goes over the wireless card.

    Worse comes to worse you could always physically disconnect the LAN cable then definitely all traffic will go over the wireless connection.

    Of course that raises an interesting point...if you don't have admin rights will you be able to install the wireless card software (drivers/connection manager)? ....hmmmmm, you'd better check on that before you dive in.
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