New Financial Regulations

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    Any discussion on the most regulatory change in US financial markets in week they've been on the finance committe for over year of financial regulatory reform..

    This is probably the biggest change for a long time..any affects on the markets...the biggest for daytraders was PDT rule changed. any changes would be game changers all this uncertainty not good for I don't know what traders and banks hedge funds wou be obsolete if some of the proposals are implemented.

    1. tax on traders. bank tax
    2. ban on prop trading.
    3. lower margins for forex and futures.
    4. ban etf on commodiities
    any more proposals.

    All this would reduce liquidity and shut down speculation in the institutional level.

    brokers might increase commissions if they can't make money trading their own accounts. it could be like the 80's it cost like $100 per trade. and only large institutional traders or millionaires would be trading them contracts. this would increase cost for banks and brokers and passed on to customers and traders