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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Aaron, Jan 20, 2003.

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    A big thank you to FFastTrade for sponsoring this forum. Way to go, Riskless!
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    Sponsorship is good!

    and I think Baron is:D
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    Hey Tom. Way to go with the sponsorship. Whether someone trades with IB, AF, FFasttrade, or other firm, they need to realize that competition is good for the consumer. I want to think of these guys as the Burger King, Wendy's and McDonalds of the futures industry. I want them all trying to sell me their "burger" for 99 cents. Does anyone think e-mini fees would be as low as they are at these firms without competition? So, regardless of who you trade with, welcome the competition.
  4. Yes, but we need some competition for the futures exchanges, too. Non-member exchange fees are from 0.50 $ (Eurex) to 1.14 $ (CME). I cannot see any reason why anyone should pay his broker 0.50 $ for execution and another 1.14 $ to the exchange.
  5. I would gladly pay you a dime wednesday for a hamburger on tuesday!
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    I for one have championed J. Wellington Wimpy before as a major competitor. :D

    "Come over to my house for a duck dinner. You bring the duck!" - J. Wellington Wimpy -

  7. FX-Trader I agree with you! I think that the fact the CBOT has picked LIFFE Connect instead of Eurex is a GOOD thing for all of us. Eurex will list all of the US products in 2004 and I would bet that the CBOT lists the Eurodollars on the LIFFE platform creating an all out war between them all. This will be good for the End-user. Look for Exchange rates to move to the European levels soon. COMPETITION IS GOOD!!!!

    Thanks for the Welcome from Aaron and Trendy!
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    Good luck Tom,

    I know your knowledge of the markets will be great for the
    members of Elite Trader.
  9. It really is pretty outrageous when one thinks about it...The fees are too high...I think that it was overlooked by many during the high volatility markets of the late 1990's and early 2000's, but going forward if the market drops lower and the ranges contract, those fixed costs are going to get more and more scrutiny...
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    When you see exchange rates moving to european levels ?
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