New Federal Government Post - Pay Czar!

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    Taking money from the government is very much like selling your soul to the devil:

    "Excuse me comrade, may I please see your paycheck? Pardon? Oh I must insist. Thank you. Comrade, I can see here that you are overpaid and clearly in need of some training in our reeducation camps. These kind gentlemen will be happy to show you the way there."
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    and you see nothing wrong with 250 to 1 pay difference between CEO and a worker

    you see nothing wrong with a system where exponentially rich get richer and poor get poorer. Like many Americans you don't really think do you?
  3. Notice this czar applies to the banks who are living off taxpayer money. Giving each other big bonuses from taxpayer money while driving the company into the ground is very Bushesque. It appears some people want to keep failure alive. We all miss Generalissimo Bush and stammering Hank Paulson.
  4. good post tavarish (i think that's how you spell it)

    have you started that elite poster forum or did it not go ahead. also if is did or does will people who cannot post be able to view it.
  5. I see nothing wrong with the free market dictating the prices of labor. I think it does a much more FAIR way then some government agency.

    SOMETHING has to decide what each job is worth and IMHO the free market as a whole does a better job than some bureaucrat. I understand that many people think the government does a better job of making decisions for us than we can on our own. I just don't share that opinion.

    Also, you show me an average poor person in America and I will show you someone with somewhere to live, TV, Cable, AC, Car, Cellphone, Food to eat everyday, Microwave etc.......

    "poor get poorer" Sorry but that argument doesn't hold water. The tide has been rising in America for the last 100 years and ALL boats are higher.
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    Without limits to "free capitalism" US will be Mexico
    do you want to live in Mexico, where you are either very well off, or you live in slums.

    there is no such thing as completely free capitalism, everything needs limits

    what rich people like you don't understand is that if you leave a little bread for the poor too, suddenly its safer to walk down the street
    no need for body guards, unlike in Mexico
  7. Well maybe they should pay the tarp money back and not worry about government intervention.
  8. I think its pretty clear why you had to change the subject and attack me personally.

    I live in America and I am not rich (or even close to it) by American standards. Perhaps you may want to think about having more information before making so many conclusions.

    You may have the OPINION that the US would turn into Mexico but actually nothing to back that statement up. As someone who has done business in several countries I would like to see America have less regulation and less government interference as I think it would be better for Americans.

    We disagree and that's fine. Perhaps you will get a chance someday to see what a centrally planned economy looks like and change your mind. Either way I wish you the best of luck

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    Precisely. Getting money from the feds also brings "oversight" from elected officials with elections to win.

    Curious how much hate this thread dug up. You can see that the socialists very much like the idea of government wage controls, yet they do not wish to be associated with the names and words of socialism or communism. The ideas, they like. The names and the words, they fear. As long as we do not name this, everything will be all right.
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    Thanks. It's still under development :p.

    I had to look up tavarish (yep you spelled it correctly). :)
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