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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by LelandC, Mar 19, 2002.

  1. LelandC


    Anyone here use any of the news features in Realtick? Dow Jones, etc? Any opinions?
  2. Catoosa


    I have been using Dow Jones news within RealTick for several years. I seldom look at it and keep the window minimized. Yahoo, I think, has better and more timely news coverage and it is free. The Dow Jones news seems to be generally slow. I also took the Dow Jones news for several years when I was using a BMI trading platform and data.

    I find little time to be looking at news when I am trading. It is obvious when news comes out on a security I am trading and the direction of the movement tells me if the news was good or bad.

  3. TNO-Mike


    If you are looking at news during the day, the Dow Jones commonly known as the Broad Tape (BT) has approximately 3000 stories released through it's wires daily with about 1000 different categories you can search from. Through RealTick if you use the news source you also have access to the Press Release (PR) too. For a quick look at what categories the Broad Tape offers, check out

    Obviously opinions very on news and trading, but if you are using news in your trading strategy the BT may be a valuable tool to have available.

    Hope this helps at least a little bit.

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