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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by trader777, Mar 1, 2002.

  1. A couple of buddies of mine were considering designing their own execution platform. What features does everyone think are absolutly neccessary? What other features would be good?
  2. One that does not allow the entry of losing trades.:)
  3. In that TV commercial where the dude is sitting on a park bench in Moscow surrounded by pigeons as he tells his virtual reality eyepiece to scroll up...scroll down...and..... BUY! BUY ! BUY! OH YES BABY!

    ........then tells his wife he will catch the late Concord to Paris for dinner. That's what I need.
  4. I saw a guy once who had set up a wav file so that every time he lost money in a trade his computer would make the sound of a flushing toilet, I thought that was pretty cool.

    Maybe also something that sends an electric shock to your chair every time you lose on a trade woul be useful. And the more you lose, the worse the shock. Although, with the way the market has been lately many of us may have been electrocuted by such a system already.

    -Jim Reynolds
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    I think it was sometime last fall, and if I'm not mistaken it was Robert Tharp who started the thread, posting a similar request as yours. He got quite a few responses regarding features people would like to see in software. You might try doing a search, or fishing your way back thru some of the forums (starting with Software), and I'm sure you'll come across it.
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    TraderJimR; you mean like James Bond in "Never say never?" When he plays that game to rule the world with Klaus Maria Brandauer? he he