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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by esmjb, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. esmjb


    anybody hooked up to the new eurex feed, where info is disseminated CME-style instead of the "pulse" or "netted" format?
  2. virgin


    Are you talking about the upgrade of
    their lines ? Already in place ?
    Should not everybody have benefit
    from this ?
  3. Dogfish


    Most of the big London prop houses are on the new feed but as they all use TT 6 (because TT 7 crashes several times a day and hasn't passed stability tests) it's not seen in real time. Think ecco are the first to show this "real" update. The frontend software vendors are still playing catchup with the new eurex feed integration.
  4. virgin


    Does TT 7.X crashes several times a day ?!
  5. cmaxb


    My only question is: will my charts look different?
  6. esmjb


    i guess im asking does anyone have the new feed themselves? if they do how do they like it...
  7. Did today anything happen on the EUREX ??????

  8. Dogfish


    Well apparently the biggest group of traders on it in one pro place is 12, and they're having nightmares, TT know this and are trying to iron out the bugs with them before installing it to heavier users. The testing of 300 traders all submitting orders in busy market conditions causes it to be unstable. I only know what the IT guys say but at the moment they say we really don't want it.

    Saw the first eurex slow down today for a while when the ecb sources story came out, 2.15pm London.

    The cable might be fatter but there's still a bottleneck somewhere, several other houses had the same issue
  9. esmjb


    the slowdown was evident even for people on the new pipe?

    im on TT 7 and have no problems with it. theres only a few other traders on the server with me also though.
  10. KS96


    what slowdown?
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