New EU regulations on herbal medicines come into force

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    Sorry to post this here but I had to. This is coming to US too.

    This makes my blood boil [​IMG], this pisses me off even more than Bernanke and Geithner.

    As a trader working from home I solved my arthritis with herbal remedy, I solved my long term persistent cough with herbal remedy.

    I lowered my blood pressure with Herbal remedies.


    He gave me blood pressure pills that would make me so fcking dependent on them that if I missed a pill or couldn't get any, I would die of stroke or Heart Attack within 48 hours.

    Banning herbal remedies and making it harder for other to be sold is a crime in my opinion. Governments are pushing hardcore drugs for illnesses that destroy your liver, destroy your mind even.

    This is an attack on Human Beings in the name of protection. This is bad bad s%&t people.

    New European Union rules have come into force banning hundreds of traditional herbal remedies.

    From now on only products that have been assessed by the Regulatory Agency (MHRA) will be allowed to go on sale.

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    And this is just the beginning.

    That's how they make a fool of you, incrementally so you get used to it.
  3. chinese and indian traditional medicine have potential to wipe out 'modern' medicine as they are so cheap or even free and effective.

    It is a safety measure so medical jobs are protected.
  4. This is serious, organized crime.
    The newest example of state terrorism.

    The next stage will be banning yoga and other types of excercise based health improving systems.
    Or at least banning the description how they work and what they are good for.

    After all, there are many causing damage to themselves using these systems .. :D
  5. Some 5 years back I used to hear about a sadhu (jungle man) from India. I think his name is Ramdev (not sure). This sadhu has some 40 million to 50 million followers in India. He is popular among politicians and celebrities of India. This sadhu would always say at public gatherings that "all modern/western medicines are useless. Stop using them". This sadhu deals in ayurveda medicines.

    I think EU ban for herbal/ayurveda medicines is in response to this sadhu's rants and shoutings. Today this sadhu is running to be a politician in India.
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    I hate the Medical Industry... they are always trying to get the supplement industry to be under the watchful eye of the goddam crooked bullshit FDA... I'd have to have a prescription for vitamins and the dosages would be tiny compared to what actually works well...

    I fixed my shoulder bursitis with Hyaluronic Acid supplement, so the Doctor asks me about the shoulder at the visit.. I tell him, and his response: "if you fixed it with a supplement then it wasn't diagnosed right"... snotty fuckers that speak Latin and control the venue for the debate about what is "right" should get a dose of their own medicine...

    Fortunately, the supplement industry is thriving in the US and politicians that go against it get clobbered so far but it's only a matter of time.. they want to control the medical system because enemies of the [socialist] state could be killed or denied medical care...
  7. As a 20 year vet of allied health, you don't know the half of it. Do you homework, if you are not dying actively. Do not go to the hospital.
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    The only thing that can stop this kind of attack is an informed citizenry.

    So I guess we already lost considering 90% doesn't know and 10% doesn't care.

    Sad if you ask me
  9. A large number of citizens, patients are a big problem, wanting a quick fix, a pill, surgery, free health care, unwilling to accept any responsibility nor put in the work towards better health. A lot of that is from unintentional ignorance, information suppression, but with the internet that is changing.

    More than 85% of illnesses are said to be caused by poor lifestyle choices. A few days ago my naturopath said that drugs cause changes in the DNA in the present user and several generations out in their future offspring.
  10. these new regulations are effect of the fact that people in general LOVE money.

    they love money much more than health
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