New ETG-Trader Debuts . . .

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  1. On January 26th, 2004 at the Southern California office of ETG in Irvine, CA.

    ETG-Trader comes with a powerful software platform that allows the trader to execute both equities AND futures for their account.
  2. OHHH WOW.... Most firms have had that for awhile.... how about this... i use a platform that can execute futures, eqities.....and are you ready for this....OPTIONs!!! :)
    I couldnt resist....
  3. That's really not the point about the new ETG-Trader.
    Besides, for most scalpers Hammer is the fastest platform in the business, even though it has the worst charts since the days of Quotron machines ( circa: 1982 ) and cannot execute futures.

    Should be interesting to see how fast this new platform from ETG really is!
  4. Using new Servers out of Dallas and Chicago and an OC192 high speed backbone ( AT&T UUNET ) at 9.6 Gigabytes per second, the equivalent of putting 6,200 T-1 lines all together!

    It should ROCK!!!

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    Hi waggie945, where do you trade from? You in Texas?
  6. What front end are they using for this "super speed" platform? Is it the instaquote front end or something different? Comon the suspense is killing me!!!! :eek:
  7. Being released in limited quantities, starting tomorrow, Friday February 6th!
  8. I got a preview of it today, not bad.. I like the fact you can set the buy and sell buttons to track the inside market, that is going to be a killer plus for momo scalping... You know if its going to support liquidity quote? I see there is an option to execute an institutional Xpress order, then I am guessing there is a way to see the liquidity quotes before they get swept. All in all it looke like its going to be a good platform I might make the switch. Especially if its on that OC3 backbone, I would love to get my stock faster than the IB guys.
  9. I'm hearing that the new ETG-TRADER runs incredibly "thin" and doesn't sap much power from your computer memory and resources.

    I also hear that it is in fact running on the OC-192 Backbone at 9.6 Gigabytes per second!

    Can you imagine???

  10. I am drooling already, I played around with it and loaded every quote stream from everyexchange and ecn, and also had it print the changes in their quotes, and it streamed so smoothly...
    Its definitaly less resource intensive. I am looking forward to see what templates ETG rolls out with it.

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