New ET Sponsor - Cobra Trading, Inc.

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  1. Please visit our website at and request a live demo of one of our platforms. We look forward to being an ET sponsor for years to come. Thank you.
  2. Are you an IB ?
  3. Yes, we are a fully disclosed IB to Penson Financial Services.
  4. this was one of the less informative announcements.

    Why don't you at least say few sentences of what you OFFER. People are not going to a website if you don't say what your services are.
  5. All apologies for the less than informative announcement. Cobra Trading is a retail direct access broker which offers a choice of trading platforms, customized commissions and service that we feel is second to none. We have a dedicated short locate desk to obtain hard to borrow stocks and never any phone queues. We are a new sponsor and can be found in the list of feature brokers here on ET. Take a look at our platforms and I believe that you will feel that they are superior to most of our competition. Thanks.

  6. Is that for all your products ? (futures,forex.etc..)

    Single account for all products ?

    What day margins for ES and other futures products ?
  7. To which ones are they not superior?


  8. came on guys

    lighten up a little bit

    we want the guy to keep sponsoring the site so we can came here to vent and rant for free, dont we?
  9. Ok, but it was a serious question.
    Either he is, 1) being honest (which is to be commended) or 2) going to backtrack and tell us he meant something else, which shows the nature of his statements and mindset.

  10. In response to a couple of earlier posts, Cobra Trading clients have a single account for equities, options and futures. Forex is a separate account. All of the trades clear through Penson Financial Services. Margin rates vary widely per product. I would encourage you to call Brandon Kaisler in our office at 877-792-6272 to discuss in detail.

    As far as what products I feel are superior, I believe our CobraIQ platform is the best out there. Take a look at a demo for yourself. It is extremely robust and very stable. For futures we offer some of top names like J Trader, Ninjatrader, X Trader and the OmniPro platform.

    Give us a call or visit our website to chat with a live representative. You will never have a phone queue. Thanks again for the questions.
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