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    Expanded Asian Data Now Offers Five New Exchanges including the Second Largest Equities Market in the World, the Tokyo Stock Exchange

    Hayward, CA., March 16, 2004 - eSignal, a division of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) and a leading provider of streaming, real-time financial market data, news, analytics and decision support tools to professional and individual traders, today announced the immediate availability of eSignal 7.6. This sixth release in the award-winning eSignal 7 series focuses on improving options trading information with the introduction of OptionsPlus, a new options analysis tool designed to provide traders with institutional quality decision support for options trading. In addition, eSignal 7.6 extends its reach into Asian markets with 5 new Asian exchanges, including the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and a new add-on study from for use in analyzing market trends.

    "With this new release, we now offer all the major Asian exchanges, including Tokyo, the second largest equities exchange in the world. Couple this with the European and U.S. exchanges we already offer, and eSignal users benefit from a truly 24-hour, global market analysis tool," said Chuck Thompson, president of eSignal. "The new OptionsPlus package is very cutting edge and offers sophisticated analytical tools for the options trader and a feature we know our users will value -- the ability to rotate and view from any angle or perspective a 3D, full color representation of an option, option chain or option position, so they can visualize the impact that time, price and volatility might have on the value of their positions."

    With OptionsPlus, options traders now have access to a powerful suite of features to assist them in identifying, monitoring and better assessing the risk and expected return of options positions and trading. The new OptionsPlus tool set includes a display control panel, Option Tracker, a Position Quest feature and three-dimensional position performance charts.

    The display control panel gives users control over which option series to include in a given analysis, increasing or decreasing the set of options analyzed, using parameters such as put/call, strikes, and month. The Option Tracker feature quickly assesses each position's P&L, maximum gain/loss, Greeks, and more. Position Quest gives users the power to identify which option strategy best meets their trading objectives and then finds the options that can best implement the chosen strategy. Finally, the three-dimensional position performance charts allow clients to conduct "what-if" scenarios and sensitivity analysis on individual options, option chains or positions.

    Also included in the new eSignal 7.6 release is an increase in Asian market information with streaming stock and futures exchange data now available from the KOSDAQ, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Korea and Tokyo exchanges. These newest additions to eSignal's growing global market information make it one of the most comprehensive data analytics and decision support tools in the world.

    Rounding out the new features offered in eSignal 7.6 is a new add-on study: The TrendVue Classic Swing Indicator. The TrendVue Classic Swing Indicator, available for free in eSignal helps users identify support and resistance points, spot trends and congestion areas, and recognize classic technical patterns.


    eSignal 7.6 is available immediately at no cost to all registered users of eSignal and eSignal Pro. Customers may download the latest version at Services can be purchased online at or by calling, toll free, 800.833.1228.

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