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Discussion in 'Events' started by FaithTrader, Apr 2, 2012.

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    The new functionality in eSignal 11.4 includes simultaneous trading integration with more than 30 brokers and service providers, plus trend line alerts and an advanced trade log to export trades for further analysis. eSignal’s ability to connect users with their broker of choice distinguishes it from other trading platforms that require use of a single broker. The all-in-one application allows users to set up their trading systems once, manage their trades to know when to trade, then execute with any of their supported brokers.

    Key features of eSignal 11.4 include:

    •Chart Trading: Place orders directly on the charts, newly enhanced with a money management planner that enables automated exit strategies with multiple stops (fixed or trailing) and profit targets that are automatically sent to a broker once a position is opened.

    •Drawing Tools, Study Alerts and Templates: Set alerts that trigger with a pop-up, an audio alert or an email notification to obtain early signals for potential reversals. Alert templates provide the ability to quickly switch between styles to catch trend breaks and reversal patterns.

    •Composite Symbol Manager: A new symbol manager provides eSignal users with an easy-to-use wizard for creating complex spreads and formulas for a deeper level of analysis.

    •Simultaneous Trading Integration with Multiple Brokers: This enhancement to eSignal’s broker neutrality includes the ability to simultaneously connect to many top brokers so that traders / investors can build their own customized solutions for executing trades of various financial instruments. Connect to and manage all your accounts in one easy-to-use platform at the same time.

    •GET Dashboard: Advanced GET is now fully built into eSignal 11 including the newly enhanced Dashboard

    You can download the upgrade/software now at
  2. Does Esignal's ongoing focus on broker integration mean we are one step closer to automated trading with this platform?

    I've been a customer for 10 years and I would love this feature.

  3. Thoughtful of you to announce the final release of 11.4 here but not to subscribers.
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    It sounds like you aren't subscribed to the monthly newsletter, where we've been talking about 11.4 for 3+ months. You can find "the Exchange" at:
  5. Indeed I am subscribed. No announcement that the 11.4 candidate went final. And no announcement in the forum.
  6. Against my better judgement, I am going to post problems that I find with 11.4. Admittedly, I am dead fucking drunk as I try to use 11.4, but my standard for software is that a fucking drunk ought to be able to use it. I add a function to the chart. I try to use "Edit Chart" move it above the main chart, like V10 will. It won't go there. This supports my long running contention that ES is more interested in adding new fucktionality than in reproducing V10 functionality.
  7. Can esignal 11.4 chart 2 day bars? 10.6 can't and it gives me the shits. It's seems like such a simple thing. Even most free charting packages offer this function but esignal doesn't. I think this is just plain weird.