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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by ktm, Nov 17, 2003.

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    It seems that CME has bumped up the performance bond requirements on the most index products, some by a LOT (NASDAQ E-Mini). ES margin is now $4,000/$3,200.

    IB has a notice up this AM to check your new margin requirements as they are effective immediately.
  2. I do not understand this.
    Volatility came down greatly during
    the last weeks & months.
  3. These are preparations for the upcoming stock market crash ...

  4. those are the overnight margins....intra day went up but not as bad:

    es 2000/1600

    nq 1875/1500
  5. they were much higher before the open, what's going on? :confused:

  6. overnight margin is and has been 2x then during "normal US market hours".....doesn't that make sense? due to the thinness
  7. They upped the margin for NQ to $3750 from $2250 that sucks(along with their new trading hours I think it's a way to encourage daytrading) . The market went up 50% but volatility went down and they raise the margin 66%! How does the CME calculate the performance bonds ?!
  8. MichaelD

    MichaelD TradeStation Securities

    Please note that TradeStation has new lower $1000 Day-Trading Margins for E-Mini S&P, E-Mini NASDAQ and Mini-Dow.

    Also, the TradeStation commissions for all electronically traded U.S. futures, including E-Minis, are now just $2.50 per side, per contract, when traded through the TradeStation 7 platform. In addition, we offer a special pricing plan for CME and CBOT exchange members.

    For additional information please call 800-808-9336 .
  9. The sign to wash out the players. They always do that when they want liquidity to drop and so the market haha ! Personally I prefer these periods as for trading it's more easier for my model :D.

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