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Discussion in 'Trading' started by fibbone, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. fibbone


    A salute to all is a trader Italian, would want to exchange with you opinions on the international markets. Hello Valter :)
  2. i'm liking the pakistani market right now.

    you might not have thought so (given the geopolitical tensions in the region), but pakistan was in raging bull mode last year.

    pakistan chart

    wouldn't mind buying this pullback...
  3. Yup, the Pakistanis have been pretty helpful in the war against Terrorism, and Bush just got rid of the remaining sanctions yesterday... we should resume military sales to Pakistan, cos the Pakistanis could be useful in two ways:
    a) Pakistan can be used as a geopolitical counterbalance to beligerant Indian expansionism in the region (the evil Indians have refused to let us establish military bases on their turf, but we have military bases all over Pakistan now)...
    b) the obedient Pakistan can be used as our puppet state on Iran's south-eastern border to keep those evil Iranian mullahs in check...

    I would agree with ya on Pakistan, its a BUY...
  4. my auntie Rose always told me, she says, "chasinfla, you need to marry a nice Italian Girl."

    God rest Auntie Rose.