New Emini trader; what best platform for newbie?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Dominic, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Dominic


    Hi: I havebeen trading equities full time for 8 years; going to try eminis out; went to Velocity and Amp websites; they both offer many different platforms; what platform would you suggest for someone just starting off?

    They offer:

    Amp Global
    Turbo Web
    X trader

  2. The hottest platform is IB's Booktrader. But it is not automated. Safety is really good also because you don't get these crazy things with platforms that don't send their orders to the exchange but rather store the locally.

    If automation is a must I would go Ninja with IB. I would use that but I don't mind dragging my orders around in the DOM. Actually I kind of like it.
  3. Dominic



    Actually just spoke with Amp and they recommeneded starting off on Ninja; I dont mind paying higher intraday margins yet why?

    IB wants $3000 and Amp $400

    Any thoughts?
  4. I was thinking about using IB ineractive Brokers for the reason that they have lowest es futures commissions of $4.40/roundturn....I was using optionsXpress and they are one of the highest. I was paying $16/roundturn but they have excellent customer service......I like to scalp using a streaming graph. I use optionsXpress Xpresscharts for their streaming graph using ohlc. Does anyone know of a good streaming graph for scalping es? Was going to use optionsXpress Xpress charts for streaming....IB as a broker and use a 3rd party like quotetracker for executing orders while looking at optionsxpress fexcharts as a streaming graph? any thoughts?
  5. Like OEC platform and trading tools.
    X-Trader is also decent... a bit outdated though.
  6. Kovacs


    Ninja Trader + Zenfire through Mirus Futures.

    The main drawback with NT is that it doesn't support hotkeys. The company said it's on the development list. Either way, you get used to mouse trading.

    I find the trade statistics on NT to be invaluable.
  7. Wanted to know anyone who has experience with Global Futures. Was thinking about using Global Futures as a broker who outsources like 8 trading platforms. Sales guy on the phone recommended GS Trader which costs $50/month....Anyone know anything about Global Futures? Anyone had any negative experiences
  8. Getin, Global Futures is a fine company. I like the strategy runner pro/lite platform which is free I believe. For trading the ES you would do fine with Strategy Runner. Get the free Strategy runner paper trade platform from them and test it out. Since you are new to the game, I will let you in on secret. What platform you use doesn't matter. As long as the data feed is good and you can get in and out of your orders you will be fine.
  9. ram


    I like Ninja with Zenfire through Amp or Mirus.
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