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  1. I see one member gets upset on topics that are not "serious" about trading.

    Well, I see no talk on trading, I see alot of talk on softwear, i see some traders posting their journal.....however, I dont read much about trading.

    REASON, many traders dont discuss what they do. Why should they, True traders have nothing to prove, a posted win/loss sheet can't be proven.

    If your a good trader, other individuals on the street will hear of you, meet you. This will take time, but the street is small. I already had lunch at the MERK in chicago, with a talented trader who has a lot going on. Meeting face to face and the discourse was valuable.

    The elite member was for real, successful, and he has never tried to prove himself to this site. He just had the balls to find me, call me and meet.

    Besides, many traders like to remain "on the downlow", those making 7 to 9 zero's tend not to come to these sites, and if they do, they come to play around..... hell i play around, I like the individuals on this site, but i can never really talk in depth about trading, or what i do on chat site.

    All i can say, is some are for real, so are full of shit, I meet face to face with a "real trader". So they both exist on this site
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  2. I look at charts and post, so somtimes im doing eight things at once, thus lies the reasons for simple spelling errors and improper grammer, besides, its a chat site, not a Thesis
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  3. Bsulli


    Baron, Love your site. Wishlist item is when I log in and click on the forum button and go there the threads that have new posts have the yellow page icon next to them which is great. My wish is to carry that one step further. When I click on a thread that has multiple pages I have to figure out if the first new item is on the next to the last page or one of the last pagees or the last page itself. Since you track by user from login to login if there are new posts(Assuming I've flagged everything as read before I logout) can you have us taken directly to the first new postings since the last logout?

    Hope my request made sense. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

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  4. Baron

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    All you have to do is click on the yellow page icon itself instead of the thread title. Doing so will take you to the first unread post since your last visit or logout. You can always tell if a particular post is new because it will have that same yellow page icon beside the date of the post.

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  5. One of the beauties of this site is its "intuitiveness", if you will. The yellow folder that tracks my activity. The grey arrowhead so I can get to the latest ground-breaking, earth-shattering post. How about when you make a change to your profile and add a quote, all previous posts are updated.

    Baron is a website wizard....

    "He's a website wizard, there's got to be a trick - the website wizard's got such a supple click."

    "How do you think he does it?"

    "I don't know."

    "What makes him so good?"
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    Thanks didn't know i could click on the yellow icons.

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