New EBay Motors = Time to short?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Mr Pain, Apr 19, 2009.

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    Mr Pain

    Ebay pulled a Coke move and created a New Coke, that is EBay motors effective April 13th. It is an absolute disaster from what I see and from what some sellers are saying, sales are massively down. An EBay person last night advised users to perhaps disable Javascript on their browsers. EBay is too “emotionally” invested in the changes to switch back. See the link for 500+ angry users on EBay forums in a few days.

    This move could potentially open the doors for others and be the moment where EBay jumped the shark.

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    One time I used Ebay to bid on a car in college. The thing could barley make it down the street, brakes didn't work, and the whole creepy family came out on the front lawn to watch me drive it. The newspaper would have at least said it had problems. Maybe people think bidding makes it ok, I don't know, but I never used ebay for a car again. Now I just use Ebay the way it was intended... buying stolen goods.
  3. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    if you are looking for classic cars and parts it was great.
  4. One time I went into a restuarant and got a bad meal . . . I've never gone back into another restautant agsin. Maybe people think eating out is ok . . . I don't.

    Pretty silly statement huh.

    I've bought many cars and other items (over 1000 total) on eBay. In fact I bought the bulk of my materials for my new home I built on eBay but that isn't the point. The thread starting correct . . . I've been searhcing for a new truck on eBay and my search just turned elsewhere. The New eBay Motors is a complete aggrevation.
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    ebay is a perfect example of how a company got ruined when the mba's took over.
    They cant seem to stop coming up with one bad idea after another and implementing it despite mass opposition from users.
    The board is all about ego.Talk about denial and not being able to say "i was wrong".
  6. Agree. The changes suck.

    I've watched cars on their for years. Very interesting metamorphosis. At inception, prices paid on EBAY Motors were akin to car auction valuations. There were great deals. Then as the feedback data for sellers became deeper, cars sold on EBAY began fetching more than they could on used car lots. Clearly one would rather buy an '05 Boxster from a seller with 900 transactions at 100% positive feedback than roll the dice at Sergio & Vlad's Salvaged Imports. Interestingly some of the worse feedback is from name luxury brand DEALERS who sell off excess inventory on EBAY. Cracks me up when I see some guy named Al in Nashville with 100% on a thousand cars sold but then 71% feedback from a South Florida Benz dealer.
  7. I have no idea about Ebay Motors specificially, but I simply cannot use ebay anymore as I refuse 100% to use Paypal - they screwed me over once and I had to do a bunch of work (some of it was time sensitive so I was spending time at work sending emails etc.) to get it corrected.

    I just felt lucky that with a bunch of emails and some forms I was able to get through it, but it wasn't worth it just to be able to bid on some stupid site.

    Regardless of any way around it, I will not use ebay until they stop their insane Paypal only thing, and in fact might not use it unless they specifically ban Paypal.

  8. That won't happen . . . they own PayPal.
  9. I know. Imagine if WalMart bought Wells Fargo Bank and then would only accept checks from that bank for the only form of payment and suppose you got screwed over at some point by Wells Fargo Bank - would you still go to WalMart or just change to Target or whatever?

    I have nothing against ebay per se - just Paypal. If they send me a check for $5000 for my time wasted and my worries at the time and an apology, I will consider using them again - otherwise no way.

  10. One more quick note - I have done several hundred ebay transactions - not a ton, but quite a few and have sent checks and received checks and never had any real problems with checks or money orders.

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