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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Vadym1312, Aug 22, 2021.

  1. Vadym1312


    Yesterday I saw a new bot. The results of the backtesting are impressive. Tomorrow I will bet on the trade.
    test results.gif
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  2. Overnight


    What time frame is that? 1 hour, 1 day, one month? Seems like a lot of trades.
  3. maxinger


    your x-axis - you probably use some strange Alien time frame.

    such a pattern doesn't happen that often.
    so you have to evaluate thousands of bots to find a good one.

    I presume your most most important message is reflected in your meagre
    3 sentences.
    judging from the meagre 3 sentences which you have written,
    your trading strategy is no good because you didn't talk about when to
    turn it on, when to turn it off.
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  4. In MetaTrader is M5 used to indicate 5 minute bars.
  5. The backtester in MetaTrader puts the number of the trade on the horizontal axis. It is not an equidistant time based axis.
  6. irniger


    The backtests are not exciting at all. Major Forex pairs trade once or twice a day and some showed profit. Gold was negative, testing many days. Most Indices were profitable but exiting at the end of a period most of the profits were eaten up when the program closed all the open positions.

    Backtests are not conclusive at all; only forward testing is and for this you need to buy the program. But at the price of $ 1'278 I am certainly not interested.
  7. Thank you for sharing Vadym1312,

    This is the best post on ET all year.

    Love the equity curve. I would definitely bet money on that bot.

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  8. maxinger


    I tried to be good / kind to this newbie / oldie But I can't.
    I hope he is learning, not teaching.
    He has a very long way to go.

    anyway, a like for you, mister.
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  9. Handle123


    I see this all the time, someone who just signed up to ET posts some impossible equity curve, and you guys goes nuts. Throwing reason out the window, if a developer actually made this type of system without drawdowns, you think they sell it?

    Too many acting like newbies.
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  10. Vadym1312


    Thank you all for the feedback. I will try to find out as much information as possible from Forex trading in the near future. Since he is still a beginner in this business. I found a demo file for trading on a real and demo account.