New E-mini Trader: Is tradestation any good?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by yesguy, May 28, 2004.

  1. abogdan


    Trade Station is a good tool. I use it since they were "System Writer" 13 years ago.

    Use it if you can afford it. I don't know how good they are in executions. I just use them for research.

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  2. yesguy


    I am not here to discuss my system.
    I am here to determine what would be teh best way to implement it.

    I just want some information about who to use to execute, and why.

    I dont know if TS is the way, or if there is a better system.
    I am just trying to find out.

    you can see my previous post as to what i am looking for.
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  3. ive used tradestation for 6 years. really like it. ive been told wlb might be better but more advanced programming needed and i don't want to go there. im a trader not a programmer. there are other execution platforms i use besides tradestation. like ffasttrade, xtrader, transact. but for programming and testing ideas, tradestation 2000i or tradestation 8 is great. again i just wouldn't place my trades through there platform. I also rely on a different intra day data vendor. i don't use tradestations data. i highly recommend tradestation for certain things.
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  4. Someone mentioned 1 click order entry.

    Can you do this from clicking on the chart screen at a specific price level ?

    I'm looking for this for my scalping.

    Also, does backtesting with Tradestation require some kind of proprietary computer language knowledge ? (like Esignal) I use Esignal and am looking for something more user friendly for creating backtests.
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  5. the tradestation 8 platform has 1 click execution. but so do all the other good execution platforms.
    tradestation has easylanguage which takes a bit of time for it to be easy. i can't compare to esignal's ease of programming. but tradestation's backtesting is really a great help (if you have good data).
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  6. yesguy


    It is the programing and testing that i am interested in.

    few questions for you

    What is WLB?
    Why dont you use TS data?
    Why not place trades through there platform?

    I should be up an running next week anything I should be aware of?
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  7. What is WLB? wealth lab
    Why dont you use TS data?not reliable in my opinion
    Why not place trades through there platform. to expensive
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  8. yesguy


    data is not reliable for backtesting?
    any good examples ..
    I may have to weed through it next week.

    Thanks again for your input.
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  9. how may emini r/ts are you going to do a month. it might be that if you are only doing a small amount, that tradestation might be the way to do. I do close to a 1000 rt's a month so tradestations $5.00 rt minus my rate of 3.42 is alot of money and i can buy an independent data feed.
    ist question you have to know is how many trades a month. then you can kind of figure out which way you want to go.
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  10. ddog


    If you are backtesting a system be aware that if you are using limit orders for entry or exit TS assumes you were filled if the price were touched which in real life trading may not have been the case (read: slippage). So you are going to end up with overly optimistic results.
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