NEW: Double weight spiders & Q's

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Rearden Metal, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. While most everyone knows that trading the ES has better tax treatment than trading SPY, some of us still prefer to use the spiders regardless. I have my reasons...

    Anyways, they've just introduced double-weight spiders and Q's. I'd like to see these gain in popularity and liquidity, so I'm doing my part here....

    Double weight SPY= SSO

    Double weight QQQQ= QLD
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    Can't wait to have options on these. Double whammy!:D
  3. The Short QQQ - PSQ
    and Short S&P - SH
    and Short DJI - DOG

    appear to be a way to be short the market in an IRA account!
    No double shorts just the Ultra longs are double: QLD & SSO
  4. Very cool.

    I'll have to look into those (boy they have something for everyone these days!)


  5. Pekelo


    This should be nicknamed the Cramer, because Cramer's portfolio performs exactly like this. :)
  6. Double weight SPY= SSO

    Double weight QQQQ= QLD

    I want these to become liquid! If volume & liquidity can pick up a bit from here, it will attract more volume & liquidity as the snowball effect feeds on itself. Just trying to get the ball rolling...
  7. Lets get the word out, SSO and QLD are where to be.. :)
  8. are they traded on AMEX or NYSE?
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  10. Do you think you're gonna get a volume spike from the credit card traders-wannabe lurking around here on what is basically an institutional hedging product? LOL
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