New DOM for Ninja (add on DOM only needed)

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by andy4, Mar 21, 2019.

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    looking at switching from Sierra to Ninja (commission reason) but Ninja DOM just seems so much more time consuming to alter and add-subtract orders. Im use to just one click on the buy or sell columns to add to existing orders, any other front end options available that I can buy/add to Ninja ?

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    You can connect to the Ninja brokerage via CQG and use the MotiveWave trading platform. We also support many other brokerage options if you are shopping around (like Stage5, IB, or any other broker who connects through CQG--see our website for the full list). We've just released a lot of advanced DOM features in our version 6 beta, including being able to do a one click to add to an existing order.
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    Thanks Ill check it out,
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  5. Consider TT - They have a transaction-based pricing model that costs just $50 upfront with $0.30 per side. Web-based platform is very slick. Ultra-fast trading via DOM/Ticket or chart.
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  7. Ninjatrader connects to Bookmap which give a clearer view of the historical DOM.
    You can see the past intentions of the buyers and sellers without them disappearing from the chart.