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  1. Baron and everyone,

    After participating in some of the threads over the weekend, I came to the conclusion that it would be wise to start a forum for investors or position traders.

    We had more than one individual flaming short-term trading over this weekend, and it bothers me.

    I suggest we keep the threads in the "TRADING" board clean of negative people who tell us we can't do it. I care about learning new effective strategies rather then have my mother on the thread telling me that I'm gambling :)

    So, a new disucssion board for the longer time-frame people and their strategies and arguments is a great solution in my mind.

    What do you think?
  2. I am not sure of ther reference of "negative people" and
    comments. If you expect a discussion board just be to you
    liking and thinking well, keep looking. This board is very
    lope sided to buying software, seminars, memberships and \
    all other STUFF to help those well lot's of those who need
    help and boy I see them everywhere on this board. I feel
    for them, I have been there in their shoes. I was told that
    I am negative etc. I don't think so, I am negative of stupidity that I see around me. You won't fix a trader
    buy "buying" more stuff. You will just expedite his ruin.
    As to having a different board, well I am not a position
    trader nor a swing trader, I am asset switch guy I may
    trade every day this week and it won't even cost me commision. So having this <b>new</b> group won't make me "go away" as the shoe don't fit. But as I said I don't want to provoke ill feelings and bad blood anyway.

    By the way there is a real good board
    the guys there don't whine and complain just grind away
    and make money....
  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    We welcome new participants on the boards, but only if their interests are consistent with the general theme of this community. The "Elite Trader" name implies that this is a place for traders, not long term investors. Therefore, new threads that are started solely to challenge the validity of short term trading, or ones that focus on long term investing will be promptly deleted for lack of relevance.

    Don't get me wrong. There's certainly nothing wrong with long term investing. This just isn't the place to discuss it. There are literally thousands of investing sites on the net where one can discuss longer term strategies with like-minded individuals, so it's sort of ridiculous to try and force the subject here.

    I don't really have any problem with swing trading discussion, as it still falls under the umbrella of active trading.

    Finally, keep in mind that my comments apply primarily to our message board participants. We have many long term investors that visit our site because they enjoy reading the "trader talk", and that's fine. However, everyone should understand that if you're going to actually participate, then you need to post messages that are relevant to the forum topics and to the underlying theme of this site.
  4. Wet



    It's your site, and you can do what you want with it obviously (and it's a good site too!).

    However, I fail to see why your would delete a negative thread challenging the validity of short term trading.

    Do I think short term trading is invalid? No. But I am for open and free discussion. If someone wants to argue that my trading style is hopeless, bring them on. As long as they actually have arguments, I am glad to read them. Plus, there ARE many dangers in trading, and newbies need to read the negatives as well as the positives.

    I implore you not only NOT to delete such threads, but to encourage them. To delete them is to promote an enviroment that says "we are afraid of arguments against us, and so will only promote threads by persons agreeing with us".

  5. ktm


    I just arrived here but I thought I'd add to this discussion. I am mostly a swing trader although I have investments and long term holdings and have dabbled a bit in daytrading - though not anywhere near the extent of most here.

    I think - given Baron's stated purpose of this forum - that a board for "investors" might be stretching things a bit. As far as "long term trading", that may serve a purpose and have significant participation, especially given the impending crackdown by the SEC. It seems as if many brokerages may be forcing the little guys into position/swing trading whether they like it or not. Long term for some here is defined as owning a stock past lunch, while others may see it as months.

    While I don't wish to anger anyone here by using the F word (fundamentals - there I said it), they can play a role in trading decisions for swing/position traders. I will play NYSE issues in cyclical areas that are trending for 6-8 months looking for a 40%+ gain and use options to increase that even more. If a company has fundamentals that are deteriorating rapidly, I will use technical analysis to find a good entry point on the short side.

    My point is that while it's great that so many short term traders will make trades based on the fact that an issue is moving in a certain direction or meets a certain set of criteria, there may be others here who want to trade for 5 to 15 points or more over the course of a few weeks or months. I use technical methods to enter and exit the positions once the price falls into the target range. The idea is that a 10 point run in a stock over 6 weeks can be turned into a 25 point gain for the adept trader.

    I'm not sure if the scaling in and out qualifies as "long term trading". I do think it would be helpful for newer folks who are still very confused to be able to address some of these issues and for those of us who are further along to be able to exchange techniques for maximizing trading profits around longer term positions. The last thing I want to suggest is a dilution of the quality or diversion from the intended purposes of elitetrader.

  6. ktm
    welcome here, where you and I are minority. Indeed in long
    time since someone mantioned the "F" word. :rolleyes:
    It makes a lot of sense since sectors move in some sort of
    an order and rotations take place giving us some trends.
    The last nice one I played to the upside was energy/oil,
    sadly I could not short it the way back because I play
    funds right now. I scale in and get out once the trend is over. I am thinking of switching over to ETF with IB where
    I could play both ways...
    Forgetting fundementals and economic reality makes a so
    called trader a "button pusher" akin to old ladies in Vegas
    playing slots. If you like a site that deals with economics
    and sectors check out
    many there trade ETF and they time frame can be days or
    weeks. I am not suggesting to you to replace this site
    rather to complement what's missing here with information
    is availabe elswhere in abundance.

    ETF= exchange traded (index)funds
  7. ktm


    Thanks Andrasnm!

    I have traded ETFs. I enjoy using them as hedges and wish there were more right now that thoroughly covered more sectors.

    One of my long NYSE screens is from a data warehouse that I maintain. I routinely check for NYSE issues that are hitting (or nearing) a 5 year low PE. I do some DD and if all looks well I start scaling in using tech analysis. I have found that many of the mature companies will bounce off of certain PEs repeatedly.

    I'll check out the site as well.

    Thanks :D