New Dell Setup - Is it overpriced ?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Joman, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Joman


    I'm about to order this computer for 3 000 USD:

    Studio XPS 8100 (D00X8105)
    Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 880 (3.06GHz, 8MB)
    12 288 Mo (2 x 4 096 Mo / 2 x 2 Go) 1333MHz DDR3 Dual Channel Memory
    2TB Dual Hard Drive Raid 0 "Stripe" (2x1TB - 7200rpm)
    1GB ATI Radeon™ HD 5770 Graphics Card
    Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64bit- English

    It will come with 2 x 23 inches screens (not included in the price).

    I'm curious to know what the IT experts think of this setup ?
    Do you guys think I can get a better deal ?

    Thanks a lot
  2. Dell's top of the line upgrades are usually much overpriced, as is with many other makers. Suggest you run the X58 Configurator at ... and choose the i7, 950 CPU. Should come up <$1,500 for the hardware you've listed.
  3. Pekelo


    I have an additional question to your set up:

    Since you plan to use at least 2 monitors, isn't 2 computers for 1500-1500 bucks a better set up/deal than 1 for 3000? I am thinking here for security reasons and if anything goes wrong with the computer (hardware failure) you would be affected less with the 2 computers set up...

    It is easier to dedicate 2 computers for different tasks.

    Also, since the very high end technology tends to be overpriced, my guess is that you can get more computing power for twice the halfprice, but again, I am not an expert....
  4. Joman


    Thanks for that.

    Indeed I can find some pretty amazing setups for almost half the price !

    The idea of having 2 computers is attractive but since I run the same trading platform with several charts on the 2 screens, I prefer having only 1 system to handle that.
  5. This seems a bit expensive. I got a similar Dell system 10mths ago from their refurbished store for approx $800.

    Studio XPS
    Intel i7 920. 2.67ghz
    12GB Ram
    512mb Video
    Windows 7 64bit Home Premium
  6. I am wondering why that Dell PC would cost $3,000.

    Per this page, with the discount it only came up to only $1,099. Granted the config is slightly different (but same processor). Shouldn't be 3 times the price.,759893789,1283299864,,20555186,4806863901


    12GB from my experience, not just opinion as I had actually ran it with 12GB for a few days, is a bit of a waste. I reduced my RAM down to 6GB on each box running Win7, i7-930. Still plenty of memory in the available pool. So if the config is up to you, consider trim it to 6GB.
  7. Suggest avoiding this model for multi video card rigs. Hadn't looked before but just noticed... H57 mobo with integrated video... don't like that.
  8. Joman


    Very interesting indeed.

    I have to tell you that I was looking at the French website (well, we have traders in France too :) ) and I'm really surprised by the price difference:

    The 1099.99 USD PC you sent me is currently at 1 379 EUR !
    The upgrade to the i7 Processor 880 is 400 EUR and the 12GB memory is 400 EUR too !!!

    Why such an amazing difference ? Is Dell having some insider info about the EUR/USD collapsing to 0.5 ?? :)
  9. Don't know why, but prices in Europe always seem to be higher than in the US... more than just the cost to ship overseas, if applicable. And then, your VAT.

    Dell often has good deals on "base" models... but high-end upgrades are usually excessively overpriced, as is the case with many other vendors. If you can buy from and if they will ship overseas, you'll likely find a decent deal. Or, buy a Dell base unit and do the upgrades yourself with parts purchased from somebody like Newegg.
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