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    I am looking for a new 24" monitor. What is the difference between DELL E248WFP and DELL 2407FPW? I have bad eyes and really don't want to save some bucks for a lousy monitor. What do you recommend?
  2. Can you provide a link to the 2407FPW at the Dell website? I would then be able to give you some information about which type of LCD panel goes into each monitor (TN, MVA, PVA, IPS, etc). This is important for you if you have an issue with your eyesight.

    I found the 2407WFP but not the 2407FPW (and why would they name their monitors like this??).

    I found a 2407FPW on Google but I need to know if you're planning on buying used or new as Dell frequently changes the type of panel they put in a particular model number (this is called the Dell LCD monitor panel lottery).
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    2407FPW is the ultra sharp version of the two monitors – you pay a premium for this.

    Unless you have a good graphic card and you actual play games or watch movies on your monitor, E248WFP should be sufficient enough to give you that crisps and clear candle charts.
  4. I believe the ultra sharp version also gives you additional options, such as vertical viewing and tilting capabilities. Although it's currently quoted at $699 on the website, Dell does offer specials from time to time. Recently, I saw it going for as low as $579.
  5. Dell has used "other" panels in some of their models, but not this one... if memory serves.

    The 2407 has either and IPS or S-PVA panel (I don't recall which... but both are good). The 248 has TN, thus accounting for the price differential.
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    @all: I have found this choice on the swiss website of Dell

    if you scroll down (website is german), you see the topic "Monitor" where you can choose E248WFP or 2407FPW...

    My points are, that
    1. I want a 24" monitor and
    2. I rather pay 200-300$ more for a superb monitor than ordering a cheaper one with whom my eyes will not be satisfied.
  7. All of the 24" monitors with TN panels are priced from about $300 to about $500. If in doubt, check the Viewing Angle spec... it's 160 for TN's, 176-178 for higher quality panels.

    The ones with higher quality panel are around $600 and up.
  8. aside from perfect color reproduction (we aren't artists are we) the difference is largely viewing angle, right? who cares, who looks at their monitors from extreme angels anyway?
  9. Much better color reproduction/representation as well.

    HOWEVER, for trading, TN panel, cheaper 24" are just fine.
  10. Mostly true. Color fidelity an issue also.
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