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  1. I want to buy a new dell desktop for my trading. Can anybody mention specific model nos. I will not play games or watch films/videos on this computer. I asked dell but no reply. Are model nos same in US and UK?I will buying in UK. Is it worth going to windows 8 or stick to 7 ?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. The only Dell models I would buy for trading are Precision T3600/5600/7600. They don't offer W8.
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    why DELL only?
  4. after sales service
  5. Windows 8 is trash. Go with Windows 7.
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    can you be more specific? are we talking about onsite service? phone line support? what? just curious...

    DELL is fine, but HP is also pretty good... and tends to be lower cost if you look at their reman products..
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    what trading software are you using?
    what trading timeframe are you? intra/swing?
    Are you back testing, and if so what platform?
    Are you trading options? equities? futures?

    basically, a monkey can spew out part numbers from dell or hp site.... but only by understanding your requirements is that you will get a valid response... (with value add)...
  8. on site service
  9. Thanks for your questions

    software- IB

    Timeframe- weelys and monthlys

    No back testing

    Index options including weeklys and monthlys, iron condors and spreads
    Covered calls - sometimes
    no futures
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    how many instruments/charts at the same time, how many monitors are you looking to use for your trading?

    as to the service part... what are you looking for next day or same day 4 hours service?

    lastly, what are you using today?
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