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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by forrest, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. forrest


    Im looking for a new trading system and im thinking of going with a Dell Optiplex GX620. I dont know alot about processors though should i go with the Dual 3.2 or the Pentium 4 3.8 with HT?
  2. gnome


    Unless you've got some high power number-crunching function to run, any recent P4 or Athlon CPU will be just fine.

    Make sure you get 512MB or 1GB RAM and Windows XP + enough peripheral slots to run your video cards + other.

    Everything after that is just bells and whistles.
  3. tomhaden


    I agree. You do not need the Optiplex.

    Since very few apps support dual cores right now, even that is overkill.

    What you do want is lots of ram (1gb or 2gb). Also get yourself a couple dual monitors. 2001FPs or 2405FP.

    Don't pay retail. Check out the dell coupons on many sites. Example:

    If you have any specific questions, please feel free to PM me.
  4. The more Ram the better, then check your memory usage. I run 1.5 gig and I always have 60% left with multiple chart programs running.