New Dell 3000 with Flat panel = $309

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by reiehaxm, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. Those 3000's suck. Onboard video that completely slows the machine down when running the resolutions most traders run there machines at. For internet use, or most office type apps, should be ok, but not intened for use by traders. :)
  2. I'm running a 3000 (3ghz HT) with 3 monitors (pci Matrox G450) with no problems at all on power/speed. More than what I need.

    The darn fan gets loud though when my office is warm. Whisper quiet when office is cool.
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  4. lol.....that price must have been too is now $329 :eek:
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    I just bought a DELL 3000 back in March and have had no problems running any trading applications and up to 10-12 windows at a time, but yea that damn fan sounds like a 747 taking off in the room sometimes.