New Dell 30" LCD

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by winter, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. I wish they could make external Video cards through a usb port...

    That could be a very good idea to reach those who havent used monitors like this before.
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  2. Problem with bundling a video card with the monitor is that everyone has different needs in a video card and there are so many different interface types these days, its not like its just PCI and AGP anymore.

    I dont think USB has anywhere near the bandwidth to do it. In fact I think the original reason AGP was invented is that the PCI bus was hitting the limit as video resolutions increased.
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  3. ozzy


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  4. An external version would be way kewl...

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  5. omniscient

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    holy crap, $9k??

    get fifteen (or sixteen for the complete square) 19" and take the other $4.5k to vegas :D

    take care :)

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  6. Oh my it appears we have a "quant" fight going on again. I guess this sort of thing happens when a bunch of out of work engineers congregate on a message board together.
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    FFD error... 1.52% corrected to, 152% or 1.52x
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    I did measure one of my 4 flat 19" (5:4) just for the fun of it.
    The largest viewable screen area i got was:

    38*30,3 cm -> 1151,4 cm^2

    The 30" wide:

    64,1*40,1 cm -> 2570,4 cm^2


    Do you live in Denver gnome?
    Is that in Colorado with snow and skiing?
    Do you go downhill skiing?
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  9. Metric! Oh man, if gnome lives in CO then he won't understand those numbers. :D

    BTW, it was 60(15C) here today.
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  10. gnome


    Did you include the bezel? Isn't the conversion 2.54cm = 1in?

    Yes, Colorado. I don't snow ski, but I hear they have had *lots* of snow already this year and the conditions are fab.

    And where do you live? I see your numbers are written like most of the rest of the world, and not us Americans.
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