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    Thanks, I have seen them too and I think they are great. Thing is, for some strange reason, the iMac 20" looks the brighest with the most vivid colors, to me, which leads me to believe that the AAPL LCDs are old tech now.

    Also, compare the prices - the AAPL LCDs are almost twice as much as the equivalient DELL LCD monitors. I see no technical superiority of the AAPL over DELL LCDs, but of course when you actually test them, it is another matter altogether.

    That is what I am actually trying to find out.

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    That is given they have the same ratio.
    It seems you lack basic understanding of simple math.
    Anyway my estimation is far closer to the truth than your, even if we calculate with a 4:3 on 19 and 16:10 on 30.
    I have done this before, but I not rmbr the exact answer.
    Go ahead, try!
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  3. An apple to apple comparison is pixels to pixels, not inches to inches. IOW, everything shows on your screens in pixels, not inches. Inches is nothing more than marketing propaganda for the uninformed. It means nothing.

    Hope this helps!

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    But we are in fact discussing 'screen area'.
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  5. A good screen needs pixels AND screen area.

    If you increase the pixels everything becomes smaller and in the end you will need a magnifying glass to be able to read text on the screen.
    Pïxels define the resolution.
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  6. I disagree, while a 5" monitor with 3000 x 3000 resolution would be an impressive technological achievement I still wouldnt enjoy using it for my purposes. Both size and resolution are important.

    [Edit: Just read Spike500's post after I already wrote this and I agree completely]
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    Yeah, well, I do not lack the understanding of simple math. However, when you get old your eyes go bad... besides that, I was discouraged from enteringing a mechanical engineering program because my spacial orientation perception wasn't good enough.

    I did the math and can only conclude that I, YES I, am whack. I get 2 x 30" @ 16:10 = 1.52% of 2 x 19 @ 5:4.

    If you were in Denver, I'd buy you a Fat Tire... gomen.
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  9. Hey guys, it's a big effing monitor. ok?
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  10. Precisely why you won't find 1600 on a 15" screen, AND, why LCD's look best in native.

    Carry on boys! :)
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