New Dell 30" LCD

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by winter, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. taodr


    Why not just buy the apple monitors. I know someone who just bought the adapters and it is awsome.
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  2. How likely will the 24" drop in price after the new year? Due to a Dell delivery mix-up, I think I have the option of waiting a bit before re-ordering my system.
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  3. just21


    From the comments on engadget......"they are also releasing the 2007 and 2407, refreshes for the 2005 and 2405 with HDCP support, in Feb/Mar"
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  4. gnome


    R U counting pixels or measuring real estate? Thumbnail... 3 x 19" diagonal = 57. 2 x 30" = 60. Depending upon the aspect, 3 x 19 might actually be more screen area.
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  5. syrre


    Thats completly wrong. Im quite surprised.
    Yes I mean "real estate". But we are not comparing diagonal lines. A fast check:
    2x30" have about 66% bigger screen area than 3x19".
    In fact you would need 5x19" to get a bigger screen area.
    Get it? :)
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  6. gnome


    I don't know what "^2" signifies... and we can't know for sure until the length and height measures are known (that is, a traditional or wide aspect)... but I think your estimation here is completely whack!
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  7. ^2 means squared. You really shouldnt square the diagonal since thats not fair either, but simply counting diagonals is definitely wrong too. You need to multiple the heigh & width which we could probably derive fairly easily from the diagonal....
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  8. gnome


    I presumed "^2" meant squared, but it's meaningless in his/her illustration. And no, you can't estimate area from the diagonal. Maximum area would come from length = width, but that's not the case. If we knew the aspect ratio, then we could calculate area.

    When I proposed the relative areas of 2 x 30, and 3 x 19, I was presuming a wide aspect ratio on the 30" vs a traditional aspect on the 19".
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  9. syrre


    Your estimation is far more close to "whack" than mine.

    It is true we need the length and height to complete the estimation.
    A differ in 16:10 from 4:3 would count slightly in the 19inces favour.

    But there is not a chance in the ocean that 3x19inches would even come close to 2x30inches!

    If you are willing I am willing to take on a bet, you choose the amount.
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  10. gnome


    Well, I'm sitting here with 3 x 19" to measure.. and presuming that the 30"ers are narrower in height, it's closer than you presume. Your 60% estimation and 5 x 19" to excede 2 x 30", appears totally ridiculous.
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