New Dell 30" LCD

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by winter, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. Sure to be the new standard for bragging rights around here:

    Found a page about on the Dell web site as well (not for sale yet, they are saying Jan 5th)

    Maybe this will push the prices down on the 21-24" LCD's even further.
  2. nitro


    That is amazing.

    I wonder how all these monitors compare to the AAPL equivalent LCD monitors?

  3. syrre


    Great news! Thanks.
  4. I subscribed to this thread...wonder how much they will cost?

    Whats next 38"? (two 19" in one)
  5. I just checked my card(ATI 9800 Pro), it can't even support this resoution. It maxs out at 2048*1536.

    I guess I'm doing it oldschool on my 20" LCD. I'm so 2004. :(
  6. gnome


    3 x 19", will be only slightly smaller than 2 x 30", ... but the 19" route will likely be much less expensive and certainly easier to accommodate the resolution requirements.
  7. syrre


    That would be the same as four 19" :)
  8. well the resolution issue seems to be the that what holds up the introduction? I will just dream of two 19" samsungs for now...(but still subscribed to this thread :))
  9. syrre


    Actually, 3 x 19" would only be some 20% bigger than ONE 30"...
  10. Looks like an ATI X1800 will can handle that resolution with a dual-display setup (3007WFP x 2). $400 for the card but compared to the cost of buying two of these beasts I'm sure that wont be a problem. Drool.
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