New Day Trader Needing Input?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by c_verm, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. c_verm


    I have been a short term trader for several years and now wold like to start day trading. I have been looking around at alot of brokers and I have decided to use Interactive Brokers. Is this a good firm to use for day trading??

    I have also came across QuoteTracker and would like to know if these two are a good combo?? Your help would be great!!
  2. IB's supposedly the best retail broker.

  3. although the name is a little funky, check out the guys above you...Great platform and great commissions....but I am very bias towards them :)
  4. c verm

    XoomTrade would be perfect for you .

    We have 4 different platforms for you to choose from which are developed for all type of traders.
    Also we have flexible commission schedules, whether its per trade (advertised on our website) or per share (exclusive for ET members).
    Finally, our customer support is the best. We can be contacted immediately either by phone, email, MSN Messenger, ICQ. We are always here.

    For more information on our company, software, commissions, trading, or even opening an account, visit

    Best Regards,

    XoomTrade Customer Support
  5. ...consider looking into E-Signal, as well, especially if you want to back test. ES and IB is the combo I use. You planning to DT stocks or futures?

  6. Actually it's a nice add on service for foreigner living
    in Asia and europe, as it is not economy for them to
    call their brokers over the phone everyday.

    I couldn't find your ICQ or MSN address on your site?
    what your chat ID address?
  7. MSN Messenger Handle: PointDirex
    ICQ Number: 287301686

    Xoomtrade Customer Support
    1.866.68.DIREX (from anywhere in the U.S.)
    1.407.352.6780 (International Callers)
  8. Saint196


    IB is certainly the cheapest to trade with. If there is any other on-line broker that can compete with their rates, it would be interesting to know. IB's minimum is $30 monthly, but if you make 6 trades a week, that covers it. There are other costs imposed by other brokers that IB does not charge and that is a big savings if you are holding options to assignment.:)