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  1. robbo


    If I purchase Metastock Quotecentre secondhand can I subscribe to the Quotecentre data feed or do I need to purchase the software direct from equis.
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  2. morph


    To clarify the naming a bit, you can order MetaStock QuoteCenter (Which is the QuoteCenter software and QuoteCenter datafeed) without actually purchasing MetaStock Professional. So the actual components involved here are:

    -MetaStock Professional for QuoteCenter (Charting/Analysis Software)
    -MetaStock QuoteCenter (Data vendor and data vendor software)
    -Data packages (Typically you pick a region for your base package (all of which contain real-time Forex data) and then you can individually pick which exchanges you would like real-time (These fees go directly to the exchanges, not Equis) and the rest will be 15-minute delayed data)

    If you follow this link, I believe you will see a link near the top that states if you already own MetaStock QuoteCenter "Click Here" to order data...

    As far as legally speaking, the MetaStock Professional license is non-transferrable to my knowledge, so you may have issues receiving support for any issues you may have with MetaStock itself, and you will find it difficult to get software upgrades aside from possibly finding those secondhand as well.
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