New datafeed from Metastock/Reuters

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by just21, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. just21


    $135 plus exchange fees plus $75 for Asia plus $75 for europe, free software and free 30 day trial. Anyone going to try it?

    MetaStock QuoteCenter is the best real-time quote platform that you can buy. And now, for a limited time, you have the opportunity to upgrade from your current MetaStock Professional software to MetaStock Professional 9.1 for QuoteCenter for FREE! And with your upgrade, we'll give you a free thirty day look at QuoteCenter!

    It's time to go real time with MetaStock QuoteCenter!

    Here is what QuoteCenter gives you:

    * 30 days of tick data, 250 days of intraday historical data, 30 years of daily data and 23 years of fundamental data
    * Auto data correction
    * Reuters News
    * News search by keyword or symbol
    * 700 key financial metrics
    * Quick loading symbol lists
    * Top 20 real-time list of top gainers and losers
    * Dynamic Time and Sales
    * FOREX data with every package

    You can:

    * Link quote screen symbols to charts, news and other windows
    * View up to 1000 symbols at a time
    * Manage your portfolio
    * Organize and trade your options with OptionWatch
    * Customize your workspaces
    * Get Nasdaq Level II and order book information
    * Access data from all over the world
    * Get free online training courses

    As a valued MetaStock Professional customer, you can
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    We'll also give you a free 30 day look at MetaStock QuoteCenter.
  2. just21


    Seems to be a rebadged Reuters equity_trader 8.1 that will feed data into metastock pro.
  3. JackR


    You're probably correct. It's called Metastock...9.1 but at the bottom of the info page it sayeth:

    NOTE: You MUST have ADMIN rights to install 8.1.3
  4. just21


    Do you think it works with reuters datalink for end of day data?
  5. just21


    This could be a cheap way to get Reuters news, top new stories are included and securities news is extra.

    Reuters North American Securities News
    Players in the North American securities markets need fast, reliable and focused news. We offer breaking news and analysis of the 1,500 largest US companies, accounting for more than 80% of US market capitalization and cover another 1,000 companies depending on market conditions.
  6. just21


    Metastock Pro FX is only $65 a month. I think that comes with news to the Quotecenter application. Could be good for economic figures.
  7. raristud


    What is the difference between the Metastock 9.0 and 9.1 end of day version?

    Does the monthly Metastock Pro and Pro Fx subscriptions include real time data + metastock pro software + quotecenter?
  8. just21


    1, not sure.
    2. Yes quotecenter is a reuters datafeed, with news, that feeds metastock.
  9. mokwit


    Can it feed TS2000i ?
  10. just21


    Someone will hack it to run tradestation.
    #10     Jun 21, 2005