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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Sterling, Mar 21, 2001.

  1. Hi All

    I was wondering if any of you have tried a company called
    Nextrend Analysis for your data. This company is fairly new think they started in the last 3 months. Their located at


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    A friend of mine has had Nextrend for a few weeks. She says it has been very reliable and the price is inexpensive, but that it takes a while to learn to use Nextrend. I know she had Qcharts at one time and then Quicken recently. She said she had problems with Quicken in the first half hour of trading, and missed being able to set the time period to 2,3,4 minutes, and missed having more intraday historical data. Nextrend apparently solved those issues. I saw the other day though that she runs Quotetracker along side Nextrend.
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    Nextred is around for a while. I am currently using it. The prices seem to be very accurate and reliable. It is really not that hard to set it up with the exception of charts. I would say that it is a good product for a great price.

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    Hi Sterling, I do not personaly use nextrend, but active trader magazine has a pretty lengthy review of the product that you may find useful. check out the site or buy it @ any barnes and nobles PEACE
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    I am a user of the NexTrend software and I found out about the article on them in the Active Trader magazine as well. Unfortunately I do not have a subscription to Active Trader magazine and their website doesn't have that article available online. I was however able to find the article on the NexTrend Press Release site,, along with another one from Technology Investor Magazine.

    Here are the direct links to the articles:

    Active Trader Magazine:

    Technology Investor Magazine:

    Obviously they would not be linked off of their site unless they were favorable but I believe they are a pretty good and fair evalaution of their product. I really like the Nextrend product and find it very useful, especially given its multiple page concept that I have yet to see in any other product.

    Hope this helps anyone who is interested in them or the articles.

  6. Rogueking

    Thanks for the addition!!