New Dallas Debuts Tomorrow

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  1. fhl


    The article doesn't mention him having any contact with Hagman.

    How could he try to get himself involved in this and not talk to Hagman? My guess is Hagman and Jacobs aren't friendly and that is the reason Jacobs isn't wanted. Just a guess, though.
  2. Brass


    I enjoyed the show when it was in its prime. I read what Jacobs said about making Bobby's son the bad guy and JR's son the good guy, and I thought that was inspired and would have been an interesting twist. Too bad they didn't give Jacobs the time of day. Also, his idea about having Bobby's new wife come from a different part of the country was a good one.

    I guess we'll see what happens tonight, eh? I'm only watching it for nostalgic reasons, but I hope it's good and that it takes.
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    Breaking Bad and The Sopranos were pretty good, IMO. Also The Wire.
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    I never watched a single episode of the original and won't watch the new one either. As far as I'm concerned ( no offense intended fans) it's just a soap opera.
    You might as well be watching "As the World Turns".

    Hell, I don't even remember who shot JR.
  5. "Let's talk about some conspiracy things. Let's go back to the grassy knoll. Who actually shot J.R.?"

    -Ali G
  6. I agree about the first two. I forgot about them, but I did watch them. I could never get into The Wire.

    I caught most of Dallas last night, and it wasn't awful. I thought they could have found someone a little more imposing to play little JR. I thought Larry Hagman was great. He's old and has had some serious health issues, but he still has that twinkle in his eye.
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    Max E.

    Wow, you just named my 3 favourite shows.... I also like Dexter, but its kind of going down hill, and the plot has become more and more predictable each year....