New Currency?

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    bunch of garbage of conspiracy theorists, it aint gonna happen and even if it did it would not be a big deal
  2. Like Stalin once said,
    "The true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought reveals itself as a jarring dissonance."
  3. thats so true.

    and to the other poster: what has the emergence of a new currency got to do with conspiracy theories?
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    giving up the dollar would demand a MAJOR change in the consitution that means you need to convience almost the entire congress and an administration,what are the oddsof something like this succeding, extremely small is the has to do with conpisracy theorist because they say 'rothchields and co' are behind these sort of things
  5. Oh yeah, its the "dumb conspiracy theorists" again.
    "Deny it, until its inevitable".
    If a "well respected" network like cnn acts completely unprofessional by suddenly letting their reporters make something ridiculous and talk about "conspiracy nuts" or "those conspiracy theorists" (with the next expression probably being "conspiracy terrorists") in a very unprofessional way it is always completely suspicous. If "they" are so ridiculous, why is it in the international news and being denied?
    I would suggest to everyone to keep this moment of your life in your memory and remember when the time is right, how the public got tricked into this without their knowledge, with complete denial and total propaganda:

    And about the planned highway:

    Its not what they say what counts, its what they DO. Every trader knows that, because its the first thing you learn. Its about what price is doing NOW, instead of listening to others what price maybe is going to do.
    Oh yes, and remember the idiots like this author:

    Authors like these pee in your face and tell you it`s raining. And so do the media.
    It is not easy to find "credible sources" (the liars in reality) about the Amero though. I have only this:

    So far, not very much substance in it.

    Sorry for my simple english, but I am a foreigner to you.
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  7. What I basically wanted to say with my previous post about the media is what they always do and say when denying things like that:

    "Look here closely at that little thingy, what I have in my
    hand. But ssssht, it's not there, you know, it doesn't exist!"
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