New curbs on voter registration could hurt Obama

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, Apr 22, 2012.

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  2. Sounds like a voter ponzi in the works. Sign up "new" voters to replace the previous voters that ain't going to vote and if they voted for Obamer in the past they won't do that again.

    (It would be interesting to know how many people voted for Obama in the last election have been convicted of a felony and now are in prison)

    Now if volunteers are instructing people on how to become registered (I suppose because they are too dumb to figure it out for themselves) who in the F is educating these people on presidential issues.

    As of now we have two choices on ballot - "black" and "white". Heck of a way to do business.
  3. Whoopsie.. I found a couple. allow me to extrapolate 1.8 million - wow!!!!

    "at least 18 former workers [Acorn] have admitted guilt or been convicted on varying charges of election fraud. The punishment has ranged from probation to several months of prison time."
  4. There ya go...... pretty good guess. Cursory search of the internet.

    Two million Obama voters are being kept in prison

    ( slur intended by putting the above "bold and black".)

    Technically, slavery no longer exists in America today. But many Africans in America are still slaves.

    There are 2 million Africans who rot today in America's prisons. Some of them may have done something improper but the vast majority of them are political prisoners who have been sent to prison on trumped-up or on entirely false charges such as with Kwame Kilpatrick.[former mayor of Detroit - stripper at mayor mansion ends up dead- sigh]

    Racial profiling is the first step in the process. Many white police departments have quotas which require their officers to arrest certain number of Africans per day. African men are often arrested for merely stepping outside of their homes.

    Bond is supposed to ensure that a defendant will show up for court hearings. When someone is arrested, he or she appears before a magistrate or judge, who then decides how much money the person must post to get out of jail. Bail isn't about punishment. Yet, often it is set too high for any African to pay, so they sit in jail. This helps ensure that millions of votes to Democrat leaders are denied so that Republicans can stay in power.

    The number of Africans being arrested has increased dramatically since the rise of Barack Obama. .

    ("truth first now blogspot" - if its on the internet is must be true)
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    LOL. The ACLU would be all over that if it were the case. The fact is that a high percentage of black males are criminals. I think it probably is a result of the number of broken homes in the black community, the lack of community cohesion, the entitlement speak that is pounded into their minds by the left every day of their lives and the lack of morality taught to black children.