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    Hello everyone! For the last 10 yrs I've been a Series 7 registered rep of a large broker dealer. During much of this time I've traded commodity systems personally with increasing success and am ready to go out on my own and start from the ground up with a managed futures setup.

    Some questions I have:

    1. My current broker dealer will not allow me to work as a CTA and remain a registered rep. What to do with my Series 7? Any brokerages out there which will let me transact CTA business and maintain my Series 7 for equities?

    2. Since I've always used Interactive Brokers for my personal trading, I'm considering using their Financial Advisor account structure where there's one master account and each client has their own sub-account. Any experiences with this setup? Anything better I should be considering? I'd prefer something that will scale well, so I'm not having to make changes right away.

    3. Any must have software packages for accounting, reporting, etc.?

    4. What websites (i.e., if any, have proven the most fruitful for new client marketing purposes?

    5. Thoughts on requiring all of your clients to setup an account at one brokerage?

    I realize I'm asking a lot here, but would appreciate any help fellow board members can provide.
  2. just curious if you got any feedback
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    nothing super informative
  4. Have you considered getting a 3 and a 65 instead of going the CTA route? This way you can maintain your existing biz but offer more product and get paid a management fee.
  5. I also wonder what is the downside of having both Series 3 and 7.

  6. 5. Thoughts on requiring all of your clients to setup an account at one brokerage

    Any one have this experience?