New Continuity of Government Executive Orders

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  1. Bush: Terrorists May Attack During Transition

    Daily Times
    November 7, 2008

    WASHINGTON: United States President George W Bush on Thursday warned that terrorists could strike the US during the transfer of power to president-elect Barack Obama.

    “We’re in a struggle against violent extremists determined to attack us, and they would like nothing more than to exploit this period of change to harm the American people,” he said in a speech to aides at the White House.

    Bush cited the threat of terrorism and “economic challenges that will not pause to let a new president settle in” among the top reasons for which “ensuring that this transition is as smooth as possible is a priority for the rest of my presidency”.


    So all you ET'rs DO KNOW about the recent changes (new executive orders) to the COG plans.....right? I am sure your everyday mainstream media has you fully informed about this situation...the same media that pumped obama....LOL!!!!!
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  2. lassic


    always thought at the end of bush's term,
    they would take bin laden out of the freezer, thaw him out
    triumphantly capture him in the mountains
    bush would ride out in the sunset to his ranch

    sort of sad
    8 years of nothing
  3. W4rl0ck


    USS Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Northwoods.

    Maybe Jan 21/22 like Powell mentioned?

  4. Always be VIGILANT....our government remains out of control!


    Ron Paul Warns Of Great Shift Toward Global Government Under Obama

    Congressman says president elect was chosen long ago to take care of the corporate elite

    Steve Watson
    Wednesday, Nov 6, 2008

    Texas Congressman and 2008 presidential candidate Ron Paul has warned that the euphoria surrounding the election of Barack Obama combined with the overwhelming fear of major international crises could facilitate a cataclysmic shift toward a new world order.

    Appearing live on the Alex Jones show earlier today, the Congressman spoke of a feeling of dread surrounding the change of guard both in the White House and on Capitol Hill:

    “I do feel it but I don’t think it’s brand new, I didn’t wake up with it, I’ve had it for a while, I don’t think the election was a surprise, but the rhetoric is getting pretty strong and they are getting very bold.” he commented.

    Speaking on the stage management of the election, and calling it a “huge distraction” from real issues, the Congressman outlined how both candidates were pre-positioned by the elite interests with the knowledge that either would satisfactorily serve their agenda:

    “I think McCain was obviously a back up candidate in case something happened where Obama didn’t win, they’d have been satisfied with McCain, but they have been positioning Obama for a long long time.”

    “This started even before he announced he was running. Anybody who would have gotten that much favorable coverage for so long, you know that the plans are laid for him to be the individual that’s going to be taking care of the corporate elite.” the Congressman continued.

    Paul also warned that Democrats gains within the House and the Senate make for a particularly worrying situation of absolute power, similar to that held by the Republican party eight years ago.

    “Just as a Republican Congress wouldn’t say boo to a Republican Congress, you know that the Democratic Congress is NEVER going to stand up.”

    “I think it is very dangerous and the first year is going to be the most dangerous year.” Paul stated. “Just think of Bush’s first year, he also had the 9/11 thing that he could use to scare everybody to death. And Obama will use the financial crisis, which will get worse, and there will be more military skirmishes around the world.” Paul asserted.

    The Congressman also warned that many Republican representatives may go along with Obama just to win favor with the electorate and be seen to follow popular opinion.

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  6. "Thats right iceman, obama your wingman IS dangerous"...........

    Gun and Ammunition Sales Skyrocket

    Local 12
    November 7, 2008

    It appears the election of Barack Obama is definitely giving a boost to sales of guns and ammunition. While the President-elect has not said anything specific about his plans for firearms and ammo, buyers and gun owners are afraid of what might happen, looking at his past record.

    Local 12’s Rich Jaffe says that concern is making for brisk business.

    Chris Maberry’s buying something he’s always wanted … a nine millimeter assault rifle. It’s his second gun purchase since the election.

    Chris Maberry, Gun Buyer: “Because this will not be available in a very short amount of time. Mr. Obama has stated many times that Mr. Bush was lapse in not renewing his assault weapons ban … and I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity.”

    The “One Shot” gun shop in Newtown specializes in police and military-style weapons. For the last couple of weeks, they’ve been selling 20 to 30 guns a day … with people sometimes waiting in line before the shop even opens. Many buyers are afraid that when the new president takes over, he’ll bring back the ban on assault weapons.

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