New Connecter for ts2000i or ts8

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by naz9403, Jun 22, 2005.

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    I know some people are looking for a way to connect tradestation to a forex broker. I just found it today so there it is people.

    Its a better version of dynaorder that requires no programming they say. Havent taken a look at it but looks promising.

    Also links to ib so one can trade stocks futures and options as well from tradestation 2000i
  2. Dynastoresoftware doesn't support TS. 6,7 and 8

    You can try better Real time annd historic tools:

    OwnData 2 is the second generation of unique software that allows you using third party data in TradeStation 8. OwnData 2 opens eSignal, Interactive Brokers (TWS), Patsystems (J-Trader), TradeStation2000i GlobalServer, CyberTrader, Universal DDE, ASCII (plain text) and other data sources to you. It allows you importing ASCII files to native TradeStation 8 data and gives you a backup in case of any problems with the TradeStation Securities feed.
    OnDemand Server™ is the Data On Demand solution for Tradestation 2000i, Metastock Professional 7.x/8.x and ASCTrend6.0. OnDemand Server makes it possible for users to access online data (historical and real-time) provided by the QCharts, FutureSource ProNET, RealTick III, eSignal, DTN's IQFeed and MetaTrader online data feeds (depends on version). Historical and Real Time quotes will be loaded and updated into the suported programs. You will have no more p roblems collecting and maintaining data to TradeStation, MetaStock, ASC Trend and trying to close the gaps somehow.
    TS Data Hub™ allows you to synchronize GlobalServer data between a number of computers. With this utility you'll be able to store and refresh data just on one GlobalServer (Server), while TradeStation (Clients), installed on other computers in the LAN will use the data from the server automatically and just like their own
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  4. Connecting Tradestation for excution to other
    program isn't somthing new, and there are
    tens of programs out there, that can do it.

    Finding somthing reliable that can feed data to
    TS. 8 is very hard job
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    I've never used ts8 so i have no idea. Just wanted to post there is another option out there.
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    Have you used OnDemand server?

    I am in need to something more stable than GlobalServer which can retrieve realtime data and import ascii format data.