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    i wonder what you guys think would be a better machine for trading a pent 4 1.8 or xp22oo or is tghere a difference.

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    Probably no difference. Then again, probably no difference than a PIII, either. (Speed of the computer is almost a non-factor in trading.... well, maybe if you're running an XT)

    What's important... Right OS (XP Pro or Win2000), adequate ram (512 minimum), fast connect to execution. Nothing else in the computer matters much.
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    I used to think this too, but lately I am wondering. I run eSignal and a pretty good sized Excel worksheet using ddl from eSignal on a P4 1.8 WinXP machine with 768 ddr (I think that's right). When the market is moving I will hit 100% CPU Usage, but always have more than 400000 Physical Memory (K) available. I don't understand all of this that well, but it looks to me like I have more RAM than I need and not enough processor. Can anyone comment on this? When I get a new machine, where should I spend my money if I use this same set-up - or where should hn996 spend his money. (I have my TWS on another machine).
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    Not 100% sure on this, but...
    I've heard some complain about CPU maxed out running eSignal CHARTS. (a) Do you have the latest version of eSignal? Heard latest one better bout that. (b) Maybe the Excel app is gobbling up the CPU?

    I run Win2000, 4 CRTs, eSignal, MetaStock Pro + websites, etc... about 12 applications at once, I figure, + the background ones of the system. The max memory I've ever seen in my Task Manager is 480Mg... leaving about 1G total memory available. CPU always runs 10-20% at full load. I'm using MetaStock charting, not eSignal charting. (In case you didn't know, "charting" is a new feature to eSignal. When I started with them, they were data and news only. It's reasonable they are not 100% up to speed on charting apps yet, though working on it and getting better. My system works virtually perfectly, so I don't plan to ever use eSignal for anything other than data.)

    My guess is that software is maxing out your CPU, and adding more horsepower won't make a difference. :D
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    Thanks for the reply, I am using the new version of eSignal. I'm pretty sure that it is my worksheet that is maxing out the cpu. When I shut it down, I never max out. Are you saying that a faster cpu wouldn't really help? What would help? I can't split the applications because I need eSignal to feed the worksheet. It really isn't a problem right now, but I would like to know where to spend the money when I upgrade. Also, If you have a gig of memory not being used, is it just sitting idle and being wasted? Thanks for your help, like I said, I am not a real computer whiz.

    Sorry for butting in on your thread ,hn9956, I hope this is of some value to you too.
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    I'm not a computer wiz either, just passing along one of my rambling observations.

    1. Your Excel will probably max out your CPU no matter what speed... it's all in how the the software utilizes the CPU and "releases" parts of its resources for other tasks. Maybe query MSFT about it. Or, see if someone else's worksheet would not tie up your CPU??
    2. Extra memory... Yup, I think that's it. Most all of that extra memory is "virtual" memory, created by the system on the HD for overflow memory requirements... that it's "a lot" isn't an issue. You select the size of the page file in setup, and the OS blocks that much off on the HD for exclusive virtual memory use. Remember W98's "swap file"? It's now called "page memory". For max performance, one would want everything running in RAM. Technically, the system is always running all 3 types of memory. But max performance will be had when Physical Memory is greater than total memory in use. (I suppose one could get buy on the cheap by running 128 RAM with a big page file. The system would be using the slower, HD, virtual memory a lot more... but I guess it would work.)

    Most of our computers are overkill for trading anyway. We buy cards with 64-128 Ram and use only 4-8. Gaming... now that's different.

    What would help? Probably nothing in hardware, just the software. :D
  7. I still have my Celeron 400 overclock to 500Mhz with Win98SE, 512 Mg RAM, one 19" with Esignal and one 15" for the trading platform , and so far, I've been very happy (althought with 2-3 crash and/or blue screen of death per day :p )
    and also Quake 3 every night :D
    However, I recently start trading with IB, and the Java based software of IB is a bit sluggish. I will soon upgrade to a Celerie 1.7.
    As Gnome said, you don't need the latest/fastest CPU to trade, and buy what you need now, not what you may need in 3-6 mths because in 3-6 mths, you could get, for the same $$, a system 2x better, and your today system is obsolute.

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    You're right. You could, you know, get rid of the "2-3 crash and/or BSOD per day" with Win2000 or XP. FWIW. :D
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    obviously, if you want to still use the same apps, and you're getting 100% CPU usage, you'll do better with a faster processor. Your Pentium 1.8 is probably an A version. You'll do better with the B versions. And now they run on 533mhz bus speed (requires new motherboard). If you really need something significatly faster, I'd wait for the end of the year when Intel comes out with the 3gig with Hyper Threading. It will require a new motherboard.

    Or if you wait for 2Q-3Q next year, AMD will blow Intel off with the Hammer chips. That's right, you can wait forever, so, judge for yourself if the processor speed is insufficient for you right now and how long you can wait for the next faster processor. And yes, if your Ram is not utilized, it just sits there doing nothing. When you do get the higher speed Pentiums, you'll need to go and buy higher speed Rams to take advantage of the processor. Most likely, we're talking about DDR333 or maybe DDR400; don't forget the matching motherboard that supports the speed.
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    They cost a lot more than P4, but could they be used in normal PC apps and would they have significant increase in performance? :D
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