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  1. Hi I am new to trading and I currently use mt laptop.
    I'm going to need a new pc with some monitors.
    Since I just started I am only trading 1-2 stocks a day at most.
    Thinking about getting a dell or something.
    Can anyone give me advice how much ram, what type of processors and how many screens to start with?
  2. Do you have a budget limit for the computer alone or computer + 2 monitors?
  3. got about a grand to 1200 to spend maybe more if I hang around electronic stores too much
  4. You can of course spend any amount you wish, but I saw a Dell "deal" earlier today for $799... with 2 LCD monitors... that would be adequate or you could use is as a base of comparison. BTW, you could get that with WinXP instead of Vista...

    I'll look for the link...
  5. Can't find the link... likely it was all used up, expired, and was taken down...

    Not to worry, there will likely be another deal in a few days.

    Do you know what size/monitors you'll want?
  6. Is xp better than vista fo trading?
    I thought vista was supposed to be great for protection of viruses, popups and all that bullshit?
  7. XP is safer from a bugs and compatibility point of view...
  8. check sites like and
    you'll find good deals on dell PCs. yesterday there was one for PC with quadprocessor/2GB ram/250GB +24" monitor for $650 or so. just add another 24" and u can keep it under 1k. if u search long enough u can easily find 22" monitors under 200. never go straight to and customize. always use those links from sites above. also, u can find 2x2GB ram for $50...never buy from dell. good luck
  9. topeak


    Vista has not been a smooth transition for me. I do not like it and welcome to hear other people's opinions.
  10. Vista has been OK for some, troublesome for others.

    Safest play is just to use XP... it will be good until 2014, at a minimum.

    Might not be able to switch from Vista to XP on many new computers... OEM may not have bothered to produce XP drivers.

    Dell's business models still have XP available.
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