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Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by Humpy, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Humpy


    Just seen an interesting programme on telly where the BBC paid a website $3,000 and for that got control of 26,000 computers located in over 50 countries.
    A very sophisticated front end will give options on the use or misuse of all these privately owned machines from spamming so much to one website that many have paid cash to stop their businesses being closed down, to introducing clever malware like trojans, DDOS, key logging, password and encryption breaking etc.


    they tested it on 2 tame sites and it only took minutes to obliterate that site. They finished by getting them to self destruct their malware progs on slave PCs !!

  2. Was that on 'Click', I think I saw some of the same program!

    But wasn't it user-error, most of the vulnerable PC's had downloaded or run an .exe without knowing what it was and they had no firewall protection. That's kinda asking for it really!
  3. Humpy


    That's right on click.
    Talking of firewalls they said they get around spam filters by taking chunks out of Google so that it looks like ordinary emails with different senders and titles.
  4. The spam filters in MSN don't work very well. I'm changing my email over to Google mail, it's a lot better, go figure, all the super smart google people versus behemoth Microsoft's "talent pool"..
  5. If you're super worried, use Sandboxie.